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PM 2.5


Tobacco smoke




Filtration Technology

ohho mini G2 equips with 5-stages of filteration technology, effectively removes 99.5% of harmful particles down to 0.003 micron, including variety  of bacteria, viruses, smoke and smell, refresh and protect you everywhere.

Black 3 Blue light

Compact but Powerful

Refresh you everywhere

Portable size just like a watter bottle, fit all your personal spaces, like home, offices, and cars. 
Unique AIR circulation technology creates a stronger air flow allowing to cover up to 100 ft²/10m² and refresh the air in 10 minutes.

H12 HEPA filter

Efficiency rate > 99.5%

1. Primary  Filter : Hair / Human and animal
2. HEPA Filter : Remove large pollutants, like PM2.5
3. AC Filter : Absord and decompose organic and Chemical pollution

Air quality indicator

LED color indicator keep you informed the air quality

Blue     : Good          PM2.5   > 50
Yellow : Moderate  PM2.5   50 ~100
Red      : Unhealthy  PM2.5  Above 100

Home Odor Removal

Effective Purification With Fragrance Filter unit, spreading fresh air around your Office bedroom, or kid’s room to significantly improve indoor air quality.

Ultra silent

Operation in 28dB, creating a restful and soothing environment without disturbing your working or sleeping. 

One-button work everything

Softly touch the panel screen to conveniently start the two stage filtration process.